Foot Hammock

Ever felt the need to raise your leg while working? Do your feet hurt because you are working in a sitting position for 8-10 hours every day? Foot Hammock gives a Swag answer to these problems!

Now put your feet up any time you want while being on your work desk! The Unique Foot Hammock design replaces that Extra Chair you use to prop your feet up! It contributes to Improved Posture, Increase in Comfort, and Overall health.

The Foot Hammock's simple, innovative strap system allows you to rest your feet right where you want them. It is ideal for women who work during their pregnancy. It can also help people who constantly sprain their legs and have to keep it upright at all times. 

Always be comfortable with Foot Hammock even at your most stressful work hours! Please check all the photos for instructions and measurements of the Foot Hammock!

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