Laser Precision Scissors


Make precise cuts without using rulers with the Laser Precision Scissors. Equipped with a laser guide, this scissor helps you cut perfectly straight lines in fabrics, papers, cardboards, and a variety of materials.

Perfect straight lines. No more relying on inaccurate measurement estimations. No more using paper cutter or rulers either. Simply line up the laser on your paper and it’ll guide you to cut perfect straight lines every time.

Multipurpose. The use for these scissors is endless. They’ll help you cut straight lines on fabrics when sewing, gift wraps for wrapping presents, papers for arts & crafts, accessories for book scaping and so much more.

Easy-grip handles. Another best thing about this cutting tool is that it has soft handles for easy gripping that won’t tire hands. Especially helpful if you have arthritis or weak hands.

Great gift. Offers comfortable, precision cutting, it makes a great gift for tailors, seamstress, scrapbook lovers, DIYers, craft makers, and art enthusiasts.

How to use:

  1. Unscrew the battery lid and insert 3 LR44 battery. Screw the lid back.
  2. Next, turn on the laser using the switch button. Then use the two adjusting screws near the switch button to level the laser beam with the scissor’s blade.
  3. Finally, mark both ends of the material you wish to cut and align the laser beam on those marks. Then start cutting, following the laser beam. Make sure to maintain the laser alignment with the marks.

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