Magnetic Car Phone Holder

The Magnetic Car Phone Holdermakes it EASY to answer calls, use your GPS, or play music without taking your eyes off the road! keeping your hands where they belong - on the steering wheel!

This LIGHTWEIGHT AND DISCREET car mount look great in any car. The brushed aluminum finish is sleek and stylish. Strong enough to hold your iPhone or Andriod, yet small enough to fit in your pocket!

While other car mounts cover up your air vents to restrict airflow and possibly overheat your Magnetic Car Phone Holder, the Magnetic Car Phone Holder's revolutionary design clips onto your vent at a PERFECT 15-degree angle. This allows you to view your Magnetic Car Phone Holder's screen in plain view without blocking your vents!

Constructed with the highest quality materials, the Magnetic Car Phone Holder's aluminum alloy finish is both strong and light. Under the hood of the rubberized surface, there are 5 ultra-strong magnets that will hold your Magnetic Car Phone Holder securely through any turbulence you may experience during your ride.

Simply clip the Magnetic Car Phone Holder to any air vent in your car to use! You can stick the included metallic plate onto your Magnetic Car Phone Holder or case, and that's it! It's EASY AS 1-2-3!!

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