Spin Meow™ - Windmill Cat Toy


Why choose our Spin Meow™ Cat Toy?


This is a new and best interactive cat toy for indoor cats. It's not only a toy to spark your cat's interest, but also a companion for it when you are not at home.

Cats just like other pets can get bored easily. This is a fact that most pet owners often overlooked or to busy to look into.

But if your cat could talk, she would be telling you how bored she is

So as a responsible and loving pet owner, you should do something about it. This Windmill Cat Toy could be the one you're looking for


  • There are two transparent bins on the round blades of The Spin Meow™, which can place light balls, bells and mint balls to attract cats. When the windmill is gently moved, it will rotate, making the cats love not releasing their claws, and there is a hair and face rubbing device in the middle

  • Reduce Cat Anxiety - Cat turns windmills can be reduce cat anxiety. Watch your kitten play away for hours,Turn the windmill cat toy gives your cat all the feline fun without clutter
  • Best of all, you can leave them all at home. You don't have to worry about cats running around anymore.
  • Uniquely designed - All the designs fit the cat's design and are comfortable for self entertainment
  • The suction cup can be sucked on to any flat surface like tile, glass, tubs, mirrors, coated wood.
  • Scratching Tickle
    The soft bulge in the middle part can be used for cat to scratch face or molar teeth.

  • Safe & Soft
    Made of eco-friendly and soft silicone. The leaf blade, scratching part are soft and bite-resistant. This toy is durable, safety and no harm for cats to play.

You can apply cat's toothpaste or food attractant on the bulge, in order to increase cat's interest and improve the molar effect



  • Name: Windmill Cat Toy
  • Color: Blue/Green/Yellow
  • Size:  158 * 74 * 69 mm
  • Weight: 98 g
  • Material: TPR , PC


  • 1 * Windmill Cat Toy


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